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Five tips to help get your CV noticed

Here are five tips to help get your CV noticed and help you stand out from the crowd: 1. Start with a strong profile. Aim to include a short paragraph at the top of your CV that summarises your skills and experience, and state what job you are targeting. 2. Tailor your CV to the job. Ensure you include any relevant skills, experience, qualifications and achievements that relate to the job specifications. 3. Keep it concise. Aim to keep your CV to two pages, and make sure all information is relevant and up to date. 4. Highlight your achievements. Don't just list your duties and responsibilities, include any successes and achievements you have achieved. 5. Proofread. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation and ask someone to read your CV through to check for any mistakes. Having a great CV will help you get noticed for the right reasons. #JobSeeking #CVWriting #ApplicationTips

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